Martha & Marley Spoon Review

Martha & Marley Spoon Review: Should You Subscribe? Read Our Review

Cooking. You either love it or you don’t, whether you’re newbie or pro, you have to admit it that preparing meals is generally a lengthy process.

First, you have to figure out what menu you wish for a meal, which is generally a time spending process. There are convenient options available out there one most popular is the Meal Kit Delivery service. The main benefit of the service is the ingredients are shipped right to your front door, and it saves your time and frustration.

Today, Plurbox is reviewing Martha and Marley Spoon Meal Kit. We have rated the food subscription service on various norms. Accordingly, we will decide and review the product. So let’s start.

How Does a Microwave Meal Taste?

Microwave Meal tastes different from that of the home-cooked meal, but it is one of the efficient alternatives for cooking vegetables mostly owing to the low amount of cooking water required.

Most of us rely on Microwave meals, mostly for being ready to cook and of high-quality ingredients. Microwave Meal Taste delicious, tasty and are appetizing.

Is Marley Spoon Worth It? Who Is It For?

Ordering a Meal from the Marley Spoon is like getting a DIY’s queens cooking show. Ingredients of the Marley Spoon are always of the best quality and the recipes are Signature Martha-simple & delicious.

For those who have an interest in cooking, but want to spend less time shopping, planning, and preparations, this is worth it.

Marley Spoon meal kit is good for those

  1. Who wants to cook fun and flavored meals with besties.
  2. Are not following a particular diet.
  3. They are new to cooking.
  4. I wish to learn simple cooking skills such as sautéing, chopping, mixing and baking.
  5. Enjoy different textures in their meals.
Martha & Marley Spoon Review
Martha & Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon Pricing

The main aim of the Marley spoon service is to serve food lovers, relish dishes with interesting flavor twists. Marley Spoon also offers more choices each week and the plans are easy to navigate.

Below is the Marley Spoon Pricing

Price $53.94
Standard Plan 2 Meals for 2 People: $49.99 (not including shipping)
Shipping $8.99
Typical Cost per serving $8.99
Lowest Cost per serving $6.99 (must order 4 meals for 4 people)
Weekly Meal Options Choose from 2 to 5 meals per week, and 2 or 4 servings per meal

How does Marley Spoon Work?

Marley Spoon helps us with making the whole process of cooking healthy meals at home simply and straightforwardly. The company serves the highest quality seasonal ingredients and delivers a box full of fresh produce at your doorstep.

Marley Spoon offers you to choose and select the meals you want to relish from 2-4 meals per week.

 1. Pick Your Meal Plan

Marley Spoon offers you 20 recipes each week, that can be executed in six steps. It takes no more than 40 minutes to prepare.

Marley Spoon offers you to choose your meal plan from a variety of food includes:

  • Vegetarian
  • Meat
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Poultry
  • Low Calorie

Although you cannot select exclusively a specialty diet, some recipes are marked gluten-free and you have a vegan or vegetarian options available.

2. Pick a Delivery Date

You will get Marley Spoon meal delivered through the third party delivery companies. You as a customer have an option to choose a delivery date as per your convenience, where each package delivery of food products is ensured to remain fresh for six hours from the time of delivery.

You could plan a meal five weeks in advance and can change a delivery day week to week. Also, I have an option to choose a plan that offers two servings per meal 2-4 nights a week.

 3. Choose Your Meals

The recipes listed by Marley Spoons are labeled like “low carb”, “dairy-free”, and “under 30 minutes” which makes it easy for you to plan and decide.

You usually don’t have to choose between different plans such as calorie-restricted or vegetarian. If you wish to serve 2 or 4 people and exactly know how much meal you require each week – from 2 to 5 meals then go for a 2 person plan or up to 4 for 4 person plan.

4. Packaging

Marley Spoon Meals are packaged and delivered in high standards bundled into paper bags to keep a track of the ingredients. You can grab a bag from the fridge and cook it. Also, the bags can be recycled. The meat products are packed in separate ice packs.

You will find some of the products packed in plastic bags or clamshells.

Interesting Observations

Marley Spoon brings Market Fresh, delightful and easy cooking options to the people. This Meal Kit offers customers an ability to choose from ten recipes and the ingredients received are in exact quantities and with the recipe cards.

Also, you can choose a plan easily by navigating through the Marley Spoon user-friendly website.

What makes Marley Spoon Different From Other Meal Kits

Marley Spoon stands out differently from other meal kits, simply for its simple and fun cooking experience. So here are some key points that make Marley Spoon different from other meal kits.

  1. Marley Spoon offers free weekday delivery.
  2. Meat and its produce are always delivered fresh.
  3. Marley Spoon offers easy to follow cooking instructions.
  4. Macros and Calorie counts are included on Marley Spoon recipe cards.
  5. You will experience bright and bold flavors.

Marley Spoon Alternatives

If you are looking for Marley Spoon Alternatives then here is the list of the best options available to find the best subscriptions that are suited best for you.

  1. Green Chef
  2. Dinnerly
  3. Sun Basket
  4. Gobble
  5. Purple Carrot
  6. Home Chef
  7. Blue Apron
  8. Hello Fresh
  9. Hungry Root
  10. Freshly
  11. Sprinly

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