Home Chef Review

Home Chef Review: My Unbiased View After Ordering From Home Chef

Cooking a meal at home is a monotonous task for most of us. As today everyone is panic and confused mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic, looking out for the convenience and safer meal delivery options. Meal Delivery service saves time planning and shopping of ingredients and recipes, although it’s not a cheaper option than dining out.

Due to these unusual circumstances, the meal kit delivery services are in huge demand. So finding a perfect meal delivery service has become a challenging job especially for the family person. To make your process of finding the perfect meal service we have come up with in detail Home Chef Review, a famous meal service easy to feed a crowd.

Is Home Chef Worth It? Who Is It For?

Of all the Meal Kit Delivery services, Home Chef is known to be the most preferred among others. Home Chef Subscription service is worth it as it offers customers a lot of options from serving per meals to meals delivered per week.

Home Chef Service provides meal options both for a family as well as two to three persons. It offers very flexible plans that can accommodate very large families. Another peculiarity of the Service is it comes with a lot of options to skip, Swap or double the protein.

The Home Chief Recipes are easy to make and delicious. Also, most of the deliveries are shipped for free and the packaging material is reusable and handy.

Home Chef Pricing

You can plan most of the Home Chef meals from about $9.95 per serving

  • Premium Meals from the Culinary Collection like Scallops with Black Truffle Cream costs between $11 and $15.
  • Slow Cooker Meals like Tacos or Italian Weeding Soup average about $8 Per Serving.
  • Shipping is free for a total of 3 Meals, 6 Servings costing a $49 mark, where anything less than it will be charged an additional $10 shipping charge.
  • If you are a new customer ordering meal for the first time, you will get $30 OFF on your First Order. You can also refer to your friends, relatives to use the service and avail of free orders.

Note: According to the Home Chef Official Website, they deliver a meal kit to about 98% of the United States.

Home Chef Review
Home Chef Review

How does Home Chef Work?

Home Chef Meal Kit Delivery Services work simply and straightforwardly. Whether you are a beginner cook or a chef, Home Chef offers you with menu choices from over 15+ recipes per week according to your skill and dietary preferences.

  1. Pick Your Meal Plan

Home Chef Offers you a Meal Plan to choose from

  • Classic Meals
  • Quick Meals
  • Protein Packs
  1. Pick a Delivery Date

You have an option to Order Online by picking delivery dates or can skip weeks to work with your schedule.

You can skip a weekly delivery by Friday noon, the week before your scheduled delivery. If for any reason you want to cancel your deliveries you can do so under Account Information in the “My Account” section.

  1. Choose Your Meals

With Home Chef, you have an option to choose from up to 18 meals or more each week. Here is the list of the meal to choose from

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Calorie Conscious
  3. Carb-Conscious
  4. Less than 30 Min to make

How are the meals delivered?

Home Chef Meals are delivered in a cardboard box, filled with large ice packs and insulation. Also, you will have your meal in organized individual bags that make it easy for you to just grab your dinner from the fridge and place it for cooking.

Ingredients produce is packed within loose zipped bags, but rice and proteins are sealed in pre-portioned sizes. Along with ingredients the kit also includes large, easy to read recipe cards.


The Food delivered by Home Chef comes with thick insulation wrapped around the food to keep it cool. The insulation is made up of recycled cotton-enhanced biodegradable textile fibers.

The Meat produce is packed in a bag with five cooling packs. You can rinse and reuse them or drain of their non-toxic, eco-compatible fluid and recycled.

Interesting Observations

All the meal kits I have tried so far, with the Home Chef I found some interesting observations. Few things make Home Chef stand out.

  1. I found an ample variety of meals with Home Chef meal kits.
  2. I loved one thing that I had an option to order as many meals as I want.
  3. Most of the Home Chef meals took only 30 minutes to cook, the reason being the ingredients are pre-cut or canned ingredients.
  4. There are also quick meals that can be prepared in just 15 minutes.
  5. I found the vegetarian lunch options unique and great.

What makes Home Chef Different from Other Meal Kits

The one thing that makes Home Chef different from other meal kits is the set amount of meal allowed in your plan with other kits. Also, the recipes aren’t complicated and are easy to use that those of the other meal kits.

In terms of packaging, Home Chef is more reliable and safe. I am a regular user of Home Chef, and I would recommend Home Chef for anyone looking Meal Kit subscription, based on price, cook, meal variety and time.

Home Chef Alternatives

The meal Subscription Kit Services market is growing at a rapid pace. Everyone is super interested to find a meal delivery service that suits one’s needs and requirements. There are extensive Alternatives available for Home Chef, with some of the favorites like Freshly, Blue Apron, Sun Basket and Hello Fresh.

If you relish and fond of eating and cooking, then consider giving a meal delivery service like Home Chef a try. So experience, subscribe to Meal Deliveries and find yourself wondering how you distanced yourself for such a long time.

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