Green Chef Review

I Tried Green Chef. Here’s What I Think of the Meal Delivery Service

Today across different cultures and traditions, home-cooked meals have helped to bring people of diverse communities together. Food is necessary for all of us to survive, but in today’s hustle and busy society, home-cooked meals have been primarily important.

Home Cooking has led us to connect, slow down and care for one another, unlike eating out or making an instant dinner. So that’s where the meal subscription kit comes handy and helpful, and here Plurbox will help you with one such food subscription box Green Chef Review, whether it is worth it for you.

Is Green Chef Worth It? Who Is It For?

If you are foody with an adventurous palate, which cares the most about the origin of the food delivered, Green Chef’s sustainable meal subscription is definitely worth the price.

Green Chef offers you the flexibility to choose When and How often your meals to be delivered, it’s a great way to relish sustainable and delicious food on demand.

Green Chef Pricing

Green Chef pricing mainly depends upon its plan and your order status. Suppose if you plan to order a plant-powered plan, it will cost $11.99 per meal/serving or $78.93 per box. However, if you order more boxes per week, then you will get it for a lower price of $9.99 per meal or $66.93 per box.

Also, other plans like Lean and Clean Plan will cost you $12.99 per meal and $84.93 per box.

However, you will find the Green Chef Pricing plan quite confusing, for example, the initial advertising on its website will let you believe that the meals start at $9.99, but when you pay, then it comes to around $7.82 and $8.82 per serving for a two-person meal. Green Chef offers a discount for first-time subscribers.

Green Chef also offers a fantastic Family Plan, with a subscription plan for $10.99 per meal or $94.91 per box. However, you should keep in mind that it is restricted only for Omnivore or Carnivore Plans with Family size.

Green Chef Meal Options Cost Per Serving (2 Person Plan)
Keto Plan $8.82
Paleo Plan $8.82
Omnivore Plan $7.82
Plant-powered Plan $7.82
Gluten-Free Plan $7.82
Pescatarian Plan $7.82

Note: Green Chef plans come with a $6-$9 shipping charge depending upon your area of delivery. Green Chef ships everywhere except in Alaska, Hawaii and some regions of Louisiana.

Green Chef Review
Green Chef Review

How does Green Chef Work?

Green Chef focuses mainly on lifestyle meals preferably on particular diets. As you all know that is a Challenging part of sticking to any particular diet and also finding the perfect ingredients to prepare meals.

So here Green Chef looks into our interest and difficulties sticking to a lifestyle diet by delivering quality meals just ready to be cooked. If you have a particular diet such as Keto or Paleo, then Green Chef Subscription will certainly make your life much easier.

Here we have described in detail How Green Chef Work

  1. Sign up for an account with Green Chef
  2. Then pick the number of people you are cooking for: 1,2,3,or4
  3. Choose a plan according to your dietary needs, tastes or budget.
  4. Then enter delivery and payment details.
  5. Choose your meals from the selection of your plan.
  6. Then finally choose a delivery date.

Pick Your Meal Plan

Green Chef offers you to pick your meal plan from

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Balanced living
  • Plant-powered
  • Family Plan

Pick a Delivery Date

You can choose between 8 am and 9 pm on your scheduled delivery date. Deliveries of the meals take place from Monday through Saturday, where you have an option to choose which weekday you want your boxes to be delivered, depending on your location. Also if you choose your package to be delivered at a commercial address, Green Chef will deliver the package before 5:00 pm local time.

Choose Your Meals

Instead of struggling to find the right ingredients from the Grocery Store, You can find the Green Chef Options from the list below.

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Balanced living
  • Plant-powered
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Pescatarian
  • Omnivore
  • Carnivore

How are the meals delivered?

Green Chef Meals are delivered in recycled packaging materials

Each Meal ingredients were bundled into recyclable paper bags to organize it easily. Like other meal kit companies, Green Chef also takes care of packaging the meats separately between large ice packs to maintain it cool and away from produce.

Also, you will find most of the ingredients inside each paper bag wrapped in plastic bags. Ingredients are packed along with pouches of condiments and sauces and in one case a single scallion in a plastic bag.


Green Chef like every other meal kit service, the meals are delivered in a cardboard box, easily recyclable. Green Chef uses ClimaCell material to insulate meal boxes. ClimaCell is a plant-based material recyclable and pressed between sheets of kraft papers.

Interesting Observations

There are many reasons, why Green Chef stands out to that of the other meal kit services. Below are the 3 reasons why we love Green Chef

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility makes Green Chef one of the most adaptable food subscription boxes available in the market. Green Chef offers you not only change your subscription on the go, but you can also choose between Green Chef’s Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly delivery options with fresh food when you need it.

  1. Plan Options

Green Chef comes with a subscription plan according to your needs. It offers unique food subscription services that offer a plan to treat your body right. Whether you are Vegan, Paleo, Keto or Gluten-Free, Green Chef presents you with delicious meals that fit seamlessly into your diet.

  1. Sustainability

Green Chef stands apart from other meal subscription boxes, mainly due to its sustainability. Today everyone is more concerned and curious to know from where their food comes from, where Green Chef provides you with fresh ingredients from responsible, ethical farmers and ranchers.

What makes Green Chef Different from Other Meal Kits

Green Chef comes with unique features that make it different from other meal kits services.

  1. You can easily control your Green Chef box easily

With Green Chef, you can choose meals designed for two or four people. Omnivore plans offer you the widest variety of meal options, to make you happy. There are at least six options available with each of the boxes each week.

Also, you have an option to stop your delivery service for up to four weeks in advance.

  1. Green living delivered to your doorstep

Green living has made conscious efforts to create an environment-friendly meal delivery service. The goal is to make it more environmentally friendly than taking you to the grocery store. All of its packagings can be recycled in different ways.

  1. Adventurous plates to transport you abroad for dinner

If you wish to relish new and different dishes from across the world, then Green Chef offers you exotic options for the adventurous palate.

The majority of the Meal options have a global focus. Also, Green Chef sends you all of the spices you need for the recipe.

  1. Easy to follow the recipe

You will be able to prepare your meals comfortably by just following the Green Chef recipes. Each recipe takes just 25 to 45 minutes to prepare. Also, the recipe comes with a section about the required things you will require from your kitchen to prepare the meal.

The Recipe card comes with step by step description along with pictures.

Green Chef Alternatives

Green Chef is not the only meal kit service available in the market, but you will find many other alternatives and favorites to it. Home Chef, Freshly, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, HelloFresh are some of the popular meal kit subscriptions that offer ingredients, recipes and ready to eat meals according to your needs and dietary habits.

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