Freshly Review – Is This Food Subscription Worth It?

Freshly Review – Nowadays it’s been a tedious task for working families primarily to cook and eat healthy, nutritious meals out of a busy schedule. So one of the popular meal delivery services Freshly comes to rescue filling the gap of our daily meal requirements by offering healthy, gluten-free and ready to eat meals.

I decided to take a break from my normal lunch menus which mostly comprised of burritos, ramen, and sandwiches. I am the one who has tried and tested this meal delivery service for one month and I assure you that it is the best service to fulfill your supper with healthy options, sustainable packaging, and its delicious menus.

So here I will be telling you more about Freshly and its services.

How Does a Microwave Meal Taste?

One of the biggest questions that kept revolving in my mind is how does a microwave meal taste. But after trying out Freshly, I was super excited and amazed to have a meal coming out of a microwave. It’s not only me, but my friends to acknowledge the taste after trying a Freshly meal.

I am impressed and have never tasted such a mouthwatering microwave meal in all my years. What’s even more extraordinary about the meal is that they are healthy and gluten-free, high in proteins, low in carbs and also contained no sugars, cooked naturally.

Is Freshly Worth It? Who Is It For?

If you are like me, eating conscious and selective, then Freshly is worth checking out. As I had a review from my friends and family members, I found positive feedback and interested in them as well.

Freshly offers you easy meal options in case of an emergency like getting discharged from hospitals (during delivery, surgeries, etc). Another friend who knows that she will be busy for some weeks or stressed to cook for her family where trying freshly would certainly benefit more like a “Cooking vacation”. Also, it comes handy when you are planning to move out of a town and to ensure that your kids, spouse stay home without suffering hunger.

Apart from this, the biggest achievement is saving time and mental energy. Freshly can be best described as a Uber convenient. If you are busy with shopping, planning, cleaning or another important task, then Freshly meal would save your time by at least an hour. This extra saved time can be used to spend with your kids, spouse, friends or nurturing your favorite hobbies.

It presents relieved moments for each one of us to open the refrigerator and grab one of the ready to eat meals. It’s a convenience of fast food, filled with all healthy and natural ingredients.

If you are willing to relish something new and great from that of your regular meal, I would recommend you try Freshly. After trying for a month, I can confidently say that Freshly is worth it for me. Now I feel much relaxed, have ample of time and also eat way healthier. Also if you compared the prices to that with the other pre-cooked meal delivery options, Freshly meals are way cheaper.

Freshly Pricing

Freshly meal services offer a couple of meal plan options for the box. You can check the Freshly Pricing according to the meal options available.

  1. Four Meals a Week – $49.99 (or $12.50 per meal)
  2. Six Meals a Week – $59.99 ( or $9.99 per meal)
  3. Nine Meals a Week – $89.99 ( or $9.99 per meal)
  4. Twelve Meals a Week – $107.99 ( or $8.99 per meal)

How does Freshly Work?

Freshly operates pretty simple and in a straightforward way. The delivery service is featured and supported by an amazing user-friendly website. Here I have described in detail How does Freshly Work

  1. Pick Your Meal Plan

You have four options to choose from 4,6,9 or 12 meals per week. The detailed pricing per meal is explained above.

  1. Pick a Delivery Date

The delivery service of Freshly is available throughout a week. Your first delivery will be counted on the day of the following week. Also, it offers a cool service, wherein case you are not available to pick up your delivery, the box will be kept for an additional 12 hours.

Also, there is an added option available where you can change the delivery date for any given week. For those who travel regularly for work, these options come handy to adjust the delivery date for when they are available at home.

  1. Choose Your Meals

Freshly has introduced 36 new entrees to choose from new meals effective from August 2019. These new meals are available every couple of weeks. So here are some of my favorite meals, I prefer to choose on Freshly

  1. Wild-Caught Mahi with Mango Salsa
  2. Low Country Boil
  3. Homestyle Chicken with Butternut Mac and Cheese.
  4. Sausage Baked Penne with Sauteed Zucchini.

How are the meals delivered?

The meals are delivered and packed in a single one big box. The box is coated inside with biodegradable recycled denim insulation. The insulations let your meals remain fresh, and the two big ice packs can be recycled.

Freshly boxes are designed nature-friendly that can be recycled. If you’re out of town and ordered food, just confirm it that these ice packs stayed frozen for at least 48 hours.

Meals come with an expiration date and are meant to be kept in a fridge not frozen, in general, all meals last for a week.


Freshly Packaging is up to the mark, as everything is delivered being cooled. Each package of Freshly is shipped in a box with a makeshift cooler inside. Your meals are separated inside the coolers with three ice packs.

Interesting Observations

If you ask me about my review about Freshly, I have interesting observations after trying freshly meals every week a month. On average I order two meals a month. So here are some of my personal observations below.

Freshly Customer service is prompt and up to the mark, quite generous and responsive.

Also at one instance, the deadline to skip a week was earlier than expected because of a holiday. I was unaware of it and had a box shipped to me when I didn’t expect it. To my surprise, after reaching out, they gave me a credit for the entire meal box. {This happened with me not for once, but for twice}

Whenever I have tweeted them, they’ve replied to every question. Also, they’ve modified their nutrition label saying 1 nutrition instead of 1.5 only because of user feedback. They have also come up with a fantastic feature on their website to let you rate meals.

Also every time, they try different insulation materials, films and cooling packs.

What makes Freshly Different From Other Meal Kits

Today, you will find tons of meal kits in the market, but why should one consider freshly from others?

One of the pros of having freshly is that the meals are individually packaged just for you. It takes hardly 3 minutes to cook it in a microwave and ready to serve. Also, you save space, as there are no loose ingredients to store or cook. You can order them according to your convenience, freeze them and later on heat them in a microwave meal.

Freshly Alternatives

There are tons of alternatives available, but I would choose Blue Apron, Plated or Hello Fresh as some of the best Freshly Alternatives. You can’t directly compare Freshly to those services, where these models are different from Freshly.

Freshly offers you cooked meals, whereas Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated deliver raw ingredients to prepare your meals.

Even though you save a few bucks on grocery shopping and meal planning, but still it is time-consuming to cook and clean. I have tried all three, and to my experience, all the three failed to satisfy me, as it took an hour to prepare and it wasn’t worth it.

The quality of the meal was average and also the clean up took longer than normal.

If you wish to save your time on grocery shopping and relish the cooking activity then Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or plated are great options. However, if you’re looking for convenience, consistency, and simplicity, then go ahead with Freshly.

Freshly is also cheaper than its peer meal delivery services, Factor 75, RealEats, The Good Kitchen and Nourish Foods.

Local food delivery services are the best alternative for Freshly and if I had not found Freshly, I would’ve continued to order through these local services.

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