Best Dog Subscription Boxes

10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2020

Do you love dogs? Do you own one? Without any doubt, you love and pamper your pet with the utmost care and attention. However, it’s not an easy task to be a pet parent, as you have to look after every need of your dog from food to healthcare and much more. Having a dog in the house is like having a new baby in the family, who is very much dependent. To make your life easier, we have come up with a few dog subscription boxes. These boxes would ease your work in many ways. Check out the details discussed below.

What is a Dog Subscription Box?

Dog Subscription Box is nothing but one place to find and fulfill your puppies’ needs. If you are looking for tasty and healthy dog treats, new dog toys, chew toys, grooming items, grooming items, and other essential items, Dog Subscription Box is the perfect option to do so.

Also, it is one of the most convenient ways to get all the items in one box based on your dog breed, size, age, weight, and more.

Why do you need A Dog Subscription Box?

Why do you need a Dog Subscription Box? A common question raised by many pet lovers. So we have the answer for it as where the dog subscription box helps.

Dog Subscription Box is a must nowadays to get the entire essential for your dog on a monthly basis. They are organized specifically to help pet parents provide the most essential things that canines need like interactive dog toys, chews, treatments, accessories, treats, fashion accessories, grooming items, and also dog training kit. 

Best Dog Subscription Boxes
Best Dog Subscription Boxes

How to Choose Perfect Subscription Box For Your Dog?

You should choose the Perfect Subscription Box for your Dog based on need and requirement. You must understand your pet to know if these subscriptions are worth the cash you are spending on it. Also, you must look for a customizable dog subscription box that provides you with at least 5 to 7 items based on your dog’s size, age, weight, and taste.

Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2020

There are plenty of products available in the market that can help us to take care of our pets more efficiently. So here we have come up with a complete guide about the Best Dog Subscription Boxes.


BarkBox is the prominent name in the Dog subscription boxes with over 600,000 subscribers. With each box of BarkBox, you will get at least 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew based on a fun theme. Also every month they send you a box filled with natural treats, original toys, chews all based on a unique theme.

BarkBox Price

  • 1 Month Subscription : $29/ Month
  • 6 Month Subscription : $25/ Month
  • 12 Month Subscription : $22/ Month

Shipping Charges: Free in the US and $8 everywhere else.


With PupJoy you will get a customizable Box with 5 to 7 items to choose from toys, treats/chews, or both treats for dogs with food sensitivities, stronger toys for heavy chewers.

PupJoy Price

  • For 5 Items : $29 (1 Box), $ 28 Per Box (3 Boxes), $27 Per Box (6 Boxes) and $26 Per Box (12 Boxes)
  • For 7 Items : $39 (1 Box), $ 37 Per Box (3 Boxes), $35 Per Box (6 Boxes) and $33 Per Box (12 Boxes)

Shipping Charges: Boxes are shipped on a Monthly, Bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Shipping is free in the U.S and For Canada, it is $5.

PupJoy Coupons: 50% FREE Bonus Goodies with your 1st Order.


PoochPerks delivers theme based customized boxes of toys, chews, treats and goodies for your pet dog on a monthly basis. You have an option to choose boxes with 3 to 4 items, 5 to 6 items, or 8 to 9 items.

PoochPerks Price

  • The Box with only 3-4 toys starts for $21.15/ Month
  • The Popular PoochPerks box is filled with 5-6 items (toys, treats, chews) with a starting price of $23.75/ Month
  • The Pampered Pooch Box is filled with 8-9 items (toys, treats, accessory, chews) with a starting price of $45/ Month

Shipping Charges: Your First box is shipped a week from your order date. The Following boxes are shipped in the second week of the month.

It has a flat shipping charge of $2 for delivery in the US.

PoochPerks Coupons

  • 10% Off on 12 Month Subscription.
  • 5% Off on 3 Month Subscription.

Pet Treater

Pet Treater is a more affordable subscription box compared to its competitors. The regular dog pack contains 3-4 items. The deluxe dog pack contains 5-8 items. Also, each pack of Pet Treater varies per month but typically includes treats, toys, grooming items, or clothes. You can also request for only treats or toys.

Pet Treater Price

  • 3-4 items pack costs $15/ Month
  • 5-8 items (Deluxe Dog Pack) costs $25/ Month

Shipping Charges

The First Welcome Box ships immediately, however, if you place an order between 23rd -6th of the month, the box is shipped on the 10th of the month. Also following boxes ship around the 10th of each month Shipping is free in 48 contiguous U.S states.


PupBox is a dynamic dog subscription box which fulfills the needs of your puppy as It grows. It is a monthly subscription box that contains treats, toys, accessories, training guides customized based on age and characteristic of your puppy.

Each box of Pupbox includes 5-7 products with a full training guide. Also, you receive training materials, 4-6 additional items including chews, toys, grooming and cleaning accessories, and 1 bag of treats.


  • 1 Month Subscription : $39/ Month
  • 3 Month Subscription : $34/ Month
  • 6 Month Subscription : $32/ Month
  • 12 Month Subscription : $29/ Month

Coupons: Get 50% OFF on your first PupBox with COUPON CODE: PUPPY 50

Shipping: You will receive your first Box within 5-7 business days. Shipping is free in the U.S. and for Canada, it is $5.

Super Chewer BarkBox

It provides stronger toys and treats for the tough chewer, created by the makers of the BarkBox. The Box contains 2 meaty chews, 2 tough toys, and 2 full-sized bags of treats based on a full monthly theme.


  • Monthly Plan: $39/ Month
  • 6 Month Plan: $34/ Month
  • 12 Month Plan: $29/ Month


  • Free Extra Month (6 and 12 Month Plans)
  • Free Extra Toy with purchase (6 and 12 Month Plans from 15th April to 21st April 2020)


If you are residing in 48 contiguous U.S states, you will receive your first box in 2-8 business days. For outsiders, it takes 2-3 business days to prepare your first box for shipping plus 4-12 business days for arrival.

Bullymake Box

The box is for a heavy chewer as it provides custom made toys. You will receive 5-6 toys and treats every month for your dog.


  • 1 Month Plan: $39/ Month
  • 3 Month Plan: $36/ Month
  • 6 Months Plan: $34/ Month
  • 12 Months Plan: $31/ Month


  • 40% OFF on your First Box


You will receive a box a day after placing your order. No Shipping on Weekends and Free shipping for the U.S. For Canadians there is $8 Shipping Charges.


This Subscription Box offers 6-8 products which include four handmade treats, one vegan skincare, wellness items, toys, gears, skincare items, and gadgets.


BoxDogs Toys, gears and Gadgets: $39.99 (2 Items) or $49.99 (3 Items)

You will be charged extra for any treats, skincare items you add on.




It takes 1-2 business days to ship for your first order. $10 is charged to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, $15 is charged to the UK and Canada. Also, there is a seasonal schedule from September 15 for Fall, December 9 For Winter, March 15 for Spring, and June 15 For Summer.

VetPet Box

It is a tailored made box created and run by veterinarians containing products for your dogs. In the monthly box, you will find handpicked toys, wellness/ healthcare products (like arthritis, anxiety, dental issues, etc). treats and educational material for a longer life of your pet.


$35 to $49 Per Box based on pet type, size, and length of the subscription.


$10 OFF on all subscriptions except gifts


The boxes are shipped on Tuesday of the following week when placed from Sunday to Saturday of your first order. Shipping is free in the contagious U.S, $5 to Hawaii and Alaska, and $10 to $12 to Canada.

Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet is a family-owned company filled with items such as toys, treats, and bones. Each subscription box is packed personally by them and will include your dog’s photo inside which gives a personal touch.

Inside the Box, you will get 5-7 items with a value of $35 -$45 per box.


  • 1 Month Plan: $35/ Box
  • 3 Months Plan: $32/ Box
  • 12 Months Plan: $27/ Box


You will receive boxes between the 15th and 21st of each month on 8 business days. Shipping is free.

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