Best Book Subscription Boxes

10 Best Book Subscription Boxes For Booklovers

One of the favorite pastimes for many of us is Reading books. Reading offers us peace and calmness, where every avid reader grabs a good book to read. You might be interested in reading books of different genres from Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and contemporary, Mystery, Thriller, Horror and many more.

Nowadays visiting the library and reading a favorite book has become almost an unfeasible act. So here comes a Book Subscription Box the easiest and the most convenient way to enjoy reading books.

What is Book Subscription Box?

Whether you love romance, mystery, sci-fi, young adults, children or even comic books, Book Subscription offers you all a single Box. What is Book Subscription Box? a common question that keeps mingling among the readers. So to keep it simple, Book Subscription Box is a club that sends you personalized book selections based on your book preferences.

Why do you need Book Subscription Box?

There are many plus points for those who avail the Book Subscription Box. The Book Subscription Box comes with flexible pricing, affordable for everyone. Also, you can choose your favorite book from the different genres from the book subscription list. Every Month a subscriber of a Book Subscription Box is notified with the upcoming books on its registered email.

It saves your time, where every month you receive your best book at your doorstep only through Book Subscription Box.

Best Book Subscription Boxes
Best Book Subscription Boxes

Major Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Book Subscription Box

It is important to keep in mind some of the following major factors while choosing Book Subscription Box

  1. Look for Book Boxes that ship books of your preferred genre.
  2. There is a list of options available from new releases to YA and even romance, but it is a tedious task to find a good subscription for Non-Fiction.
  3. Consider your reading speed, if you are not able to complete reading 1 or more books in a given month, then be sure to look for subscriptions that allow you to skip for a particular month.
  4. Lastly, if you wish to have some extra goodies along with boxes then you can consider a coffer or a tea subscription to elevate your daily routine.

Best Book Subscription Boxes For Booklovers

If you are looking for Best Book Subscription Boxes, then here we would recommend top Book Subscription Boxes spanning various genres and age groups from the list below.

Book of the Month

You will find the widest and popular selection of all the book clubs that include fiction, new releases, non-fiction, adult and much more.

If you choose the subscription, you have an option to pick the title you’d like to receive on the first of the month. Also if you are not ready with the title, you can skip for the month. You will have a choice to add up to 2 additional books to your order for $9.99 each.

Cost: $14.99 Per Month For less with 3 and 12-month subscriptions

Coupon: Use Code TAKECARE to get your first book for $9.99.


If you love adult stories, then OwlCrate is for you. With the monthly subscription, you’ll receive a box featuring all-new young adult titles including items such as accessories, pins, small home goods. This subscription box will certainly surprise and delight you.

Cost: $29.99/ Month

Coupon: Use Code OWLCRATEMSA10 and Save 10% Off on your order.

Fresh Fiction Box

Fresh Fiction Box brings 3 – 5 new fiction titles each month along with 2-4 downloadable eBooks from different sub-genres like romance, mystery and much more. This Subscription Box is popular among those who have a book on hand to read.

Cost: $24.95 / Month.

Once Upon a Book Club

This Subscription Box has a new book in its store, paired with small gifts and surprises with each page. As you immersed fully in the story reading, you will be surprised with each new gift. No matter what is your age, young or old, Once Upon a Book Club is a unique monthly Book Club great for readers.

Cost: $34.99/ Monthly

Coupon: Use Code ADDICTION 10 to save 10% off on your first box order.


BAWDY BOOKWORMS offers an adult book subscription especially curated for the romantic readers. If you subscribe to these Book Box you will get a steamy title, paired with a selection of sexy surprises along with the storyline. Some of the popular themes include “Breaking the Rules” and “Trouble in Paradise”.

This Book Subscription Box offers Monthly and Quarterly Options.

Cost: $44.95/ Month

Introverts Retreat

Introverts Retreat Subscription Box includes a monthly box with a new page-turner, written by a female author along with self-care goodies, that includes everything from hand-mixed bath salts to high fragrance oils and also gourmet teas and coffees. It comes in a beautifully designed box of an evening or two good books to read and pass onto a friend.

Cost: $13/ Month

Hygge Fem Box

Treat yourself with these wonderful themed Book Box. This Self-care box is best suited for introverts, book lovers that come with a plethora of self-care items perfect for relaxing.

Cost: $14/ Month

Books & Treasures

Books & Treasure helps you grow your book collection available in young, kids and adult genres. You can opt for a Book Box that comes with a handmade bookmark or in a 2 different sizes full subscription of 1 book, in either a preferred genre or a monthly surprise, plus 1 bookmark, a hot beverage and 3 or 6 handmade gift items.

Cost: $7.33/ Month


This Monthly Subscription Box focuses mainly on a specific theme that directs your attention to a personal growth topic like vulnerability, happiness. If you are looking at working on self-love or growing your business, the CoachCrate Box comes with 1 self-help book along with a practical guide or self-care items, 3 – 6 productivity items. One of the unique features of the box is you have access to an exclusive community and online coaching sessions.

Cost: $38.25/ Month

Our Little Book Club

If you are looking for a good book for your kid to read then Our Little Book Club is the best subscription Box to choose from. It helps your kids to develop a habit of reading and learning. The box is available for children in 5 different age groups from newborn to teens. With the subscription of this book box, you will get 2 age-appropriate board books, hand cover storybooks or chapter books, along with one activity book with puzzles, mazes, craft ideas, and instructions.

Cost: $14/ Month

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