Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Best Beer Subscription Boxes For Beer Lovers

Many of them are constantly on the lookout for a new beer to have flavor and can sit back, relax with, and sip on. Enjoying a perfect moment with a delicious beer is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world.

Your local beers can only please your palate and as they get old you find yourself searching for something new to show up on the shelves. If you are looking for a new and amazing way to relish new beers from around the country, then these beer subscription boxes from the month clubs are the best option to choose from.

What is Beer Subscription Box?

Beer Subscription Box is popular these days for providing the best in class, themed and curated monthly beer crates, cans at your doorstep. Many of these subscription boxes are designed to offer you a more expansive tasting range that you’ll be able to find at your local liquor shop or bar and thus it is a great way to explore new world-class brews.

Beer Subscription Boxes are tailored to unique taste preferences such as hops and are completely customized with your entire order every month.

Why do you need a Beer Subscription Box?

If you are an avid beer lover and this time not able to move out of the house to grab one of your favorite beers, then Beer Subscription Box is a no brainer. With the beer subscription box, all the beer you could ever want will be delivered directly at your doorstep. This is the stuff that most introverts dream of. The Beer Box craze will be fulfilled by choosing and subscribing to the best beer subscription box.

Beer Subscription Box is designed to bring new and rare brews to beer buffs to meet the palates of everyone.

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Best Beer Subscription Boxes
Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Major Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Beer Subscription Box

Looking for a monthly crate from the best US microbreweries, the major factors must be kept in mind while choosing Beer Subscription Box. Look for the app-based craft beer discovery and delivery service. The Beer Subscription Box should provide Beer themed accessories, glassware, food items, and clothing all packed and delivered at your door. Also look for a high-quality beer, hand selected brews by paying an affordable monthly fee.

If you are looking for a gift, then check some of the best and favorite beer of the month club.

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Best Beer Subscription Boxes For Beer Lovers

There is a boom in the beer market and it means that there are more discerning drinkers who are eager to seek out the latest brews and start stocking up their shelves with their favorite ones. With the best beer subscription boxes, not only will you get to try excellent brands you may not even hear of before, but there is also an excitement to open up the package you are looking forward to.

Plurbox has reviewed and listed here the Best Beer Subscription Boxes that you must absolutely subscribe to and try out this month.

Craft Beer Club

With the subscription of Craft Beer Club, you’ll get a monthly delivery of the most exceptional craft beers from across the country. Every beer is manufactured by independent brewers, in small productions using only traditional brewing ingredients. Also, you will receive a bonus gift in every beer box.

Price: $42/ Month (12 Bottles)

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

You’ll receive 12-ounce craft beers of four different beer styles from two different U.S. craft breweries with the subscription of U.S Microbrewed Beer Club. Also, each shipment comprises of special brewery profiles and tasting notes. This is one of the most popular beer clubs.

Price: $29.95/ Month + $15 (Shipping & Handling)

The U.S and International Variety Beer Club

You’ll get 12 award-winning 12-ounce handcrafted beers every month in 4 different beer sales both from U.S. breweries and international. The club works in a way where two beer styles will be from the U.S and the other 2 will be imported. Also one can expect beers to be brewed and imported especially for club members.

Price: $34.95/ Month + $15 (Shipping & Handling)


  • URBAN10: $10 OFF on any order of 4 shipments or more
  • URBAN15: $15 OFF on any prepaid order of 6 shipments or more.
  • URBAN30: $30 OFF on any pre-paid 12 shipment orders.

The Hop-Heads Beer Club

When you subscribe to this hoppy beer club, you’ll receive 12 handcrafted beers both from U.S craft microbreweries and international Breweries. Every Shipment consists of the following variety of hoppy beer styles.

  1. IPAs
  2. Double IPAs
  3. Session IPAs
  4. IPLs
  5. Imperial IPLs
  6. Session IPLs
  7. Pale Ales
  8. Red Ales

Also with each shipment, you’ll get a monthly newsletter containing beer profiles, tasting notes, suggested food pairings.

Price: $34.95/ Month + $15 (Shipping & Handling)


  • URBAN10: $10 OFF on any order of 4 shipments or more
  • URBAN15: $15 OFF on any prepaid order of 6 shipments or more.
  • URBAN30: $30 OFF on any pre-paid 12 shipment orders.

The Rare Beer Club

When you subscribe to the Rare Beer Club, you get an option to receive 2, 4, or 6 (750 ml) bottles of limited release, artisans beers from the two of the world’s best breweries. Also every month, you can expect every month 2 different beer styles.

Price: $37.85 + $14 (Shipping) / Month (2 Bottles)


  • URBAN10: $10 OFF on any order of 4 shipments or more
  • URBAN15: $15 OFF on any prepaid order of 6 shipments or more.
  • URBAN30: $30 OFF on any pre-paid 12 shipment orders.


You’ll get access to 2 rare beers that are not available in your area. Only you have to do is claim the beers you want and skip the beers you don’t. You’ll receive handpicked craft beer delivered at your doorstep.

Price: Free on Sign Up + $14.90 (Shipping)

Craft Beer Kings

With Craft Beer Kings, you’ll receive a variety of largest and greatest craft beers. There are specific types of beer delivered to you monthly.

Below are the different beer subscriptions to choose from

  1. Barrel-aged
  2. Hazy
  3. California Beer
  4. Sour & Stout
  5. IPA and Sour
  6. Stout
  7. Sour
  8. IPA
  9. Dark
  10. Various

Price: $55/ Month (12 Cans)

First Sip Brew Box

With each box of First Sip Brew Box, you’ll get merchandise like T-shirts and glasses from one amazing craft brewery every month. Also, you’ll get optional extras like beer-infused baked goods. First Sip Brew Box features three subscription levels (Brewmaster, Enthusiast, and Connoisseur). It is a great way to immerse yourself in the creative world of craft brewing.

Price: $24.99 – $647.88

Beer Drop

Beer Drop Subscription Box presents you with fresh, highly rated craft beers from new breweries monthly. Every Plan gives you access to new beers from 5 different microbreweries based on the type of beers you prefer. Also on the plan you select or subscribe, you’ll get Crowlers (32 oz cans) along with 2 packs of 16 oz cans.

Price: $39 + $5 (Shipping)/ Month

Craft Beer Coopery

Craft Beer Coopery Subscription presents you a curated box of 9 rare Australian craft beers, tasting notes, Jerky or nuts snacks, and coasters. However, this monthly club beer is available only in Australia.

Price: $54.95/ Month.

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